Our 2017 Members

In Memoriam
Charlotte Currier
Richard Sebastion Eckstrom
Audrey Eisenlohr
Edwin Henry Fisher, Jr.
Alice Talbott Loomis
Mary Mackenzie
Barbara Ann Pine
Esther Prisloe
Barry R. Schaller
John Robert Sterrett Shrewsbury
Barbara Spargo
Susan Meek Weady

Benefactors in Perpetuity
Elisabeth C. Adams Middle School Class of 2018
Edith Burr Nettleton
Martha Merrill Shattuck
Wildman Family Memorial Fund
Witness Stones Project

Lifetime Members
Howard and Edie Brown
Mairi Graham Bryan
Michael D’Agostino and Bob Donahue
Sandra Rux and Alan Haesche
Ray and Kristine Iglesias
Joseph and Joyce Ippolito
David W. Knapp
Elisabeth Barsa and Cyrus Miller
Mission Branding
Mark and Joanne Mosca
Jane Pickering and Chris Norris
Eli Rosenthal
Lewis W. Scranton
Carl and Grace Zimmer

Sustaining Members
Martha Alexander
Skipwith Banker
Stephen and Pamela Besse
Kathleen Bidney
Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market & Winery
Karen Wynn and Paul Bloom
Michael and Maryann Bracken
Alec and Teresa Buchanan
But a Dream Custom Cakes
John B. Carles
Linda Carr
Michael and Diana Caty
Cohen’s Bagel Company
Susan Conner
Michael and Teresa Crampton
Jennifer Culhane
Gerard and Vivika Hansen DeNegre
Eileen Eder
Fred and Sandra Flatow
Jonathan and Mary Ellen Flatow
Hans and Dorothea Flink
Glenn & Megan Formica
Marie Fourteau
Frank’s Package Store
Jefferson and Landa Freeman
Darleen Gagnon
Sam and Sarah Gerritz
Shirley A. Girioni
Joe and Cindy Goldberg
Dirck and Elizabeth Goss
Richard and Jane Grant
Guilford Art Center
Guilford Savings Bank
Ellen Cordes and Harry Haskell
Cynthia Hasty and Lisa Sevanick
Carl and Paula Hermey
Lisa Hess Hesselgrave
Ed and Helen Higgins
Steinen Hurtado
Jane E. Kammerer
Theodore and Noemi Kearns
Lisa Kegel
Ted Kennedy, Jr., and Kiki Kennedy
David W. Knapp
Tony and Sue Kowalski
Carl K. Kuester
Steve and Melissa Lamoreaux
Brendan Loughlin
Fred and Margaret Lyle
Terry and Martha Maguire
The Marks Family
Linda Reich and Harold Mastalerz
Marge Sopkin and Tom McCabe
Molly McDonald
The Miranker Family
Sara Moffett
Mardee Moore
Shana Moore
Craig and Jennifer Mullett
Rick and Louise Odermatt
Richard and Liberty Page
Page Hardware & Appliance Co.
Alex and Val Parkinson
Steven Plaziak
Mary Jane Potter
Quest Fitness LLC
Max and Vicky Reeve
Royal Printing Service
David SantaPaula
Maggie Renzi and John Sayles
Jim and Marta Slattery
Dieter and Veronica Soell
Rick and Lisa Ste. Marie
Christine Dokko and David Stein
The Stone Agency
Michael and Rosemary Sulzbach
Take the Cake
Ellie Tandler
Victor and Julia Ann Francis Vroom
Kelly Weed
Dinah Wells
Clint and Linda Westgard
Tim White
Suzanne Ziegenhagen
Ann Street and Ted Zuse

Contributing Member
Michael and Megan Adams
Chip and Barbara Angle
Peter and Eva Besmer
Big Y
Bill and Katy Bloss
Derek and Jennifer Briggs
Margaret Burke
David and Helen Carlson
Rob and Christine Cohen
Dennis Culliton
Gary Drake
Linda Duncan
Richard C. Ferguson
Maggie Moffett and Tom Ferrell
Katherine Frydenborg
Barry and Ellie Green
David Grigsby
Alsop Hebel
Joel E. Helander
Donald and Kandra Houston
Integrative Physical Therapy LLC
David and Amy Jaffe
Donald Robinson, Jr., and Elizabeth Ketz-Robinson
Jadeyn Violette and Lisa Labadia
Sara B. Leighton
The Marketplace at Guilford Food Center
Joe and Jane Marshall
Erik Mastalerz
Joan McNeil
Paul and Estelle Nussbaum
Logan Page III
Palumbo’s Automotive Unlimited
The Place Restaurant
Marilyn Russo
Ed and Winnie Seibert
Sarah Shrewsbury
Diana Stovall

Family Members
George and Anne Aghajanian
Marie Landry and Peter Aronson
Paul and Barbara Ayotte
Philip and Alicia Bacon
Roger and Mary Barnes
Joan Ames and Asa Berkowitz
Holley Bishop
Jonathan and Nancy Bishop
Keith and Debbie Bishop
Kent and Nona Bloomer
Barbara Brennen
Scott and Amelie Brewster
Bob and Nancy Cairns
Milton Charlton
Denise Casey and Susan Clark
Shannon Clarkson
Terry and Penny Colby
Robert V. Cosel
Gene and Bet Cummiskey
Robert and Karen Davidson
Michael DiGiorgio
John and Lois Dillon
Philip and Catherine Dinauer
Lois Dudley
Cynthia S. Dwyer
Bill and Gloria Earls
Michael and Ellen Ebert
Nancy Elderbaum
Palmer Y. and Eleanor H. Epler
Rebecca Ervin
The Fusco Family
Guilford Mooring
Craig Gunderson
William and Suzanne Huhn
Jeff and Kathryn Hutchins
Robert and Stephanie Hutchison
Kamana Fine Indian Cuisine
Cyrus and Shanta Kapadia
John and Kitty Kingsbury
Douglas Kirk
George and Pat Kral
Leete’s Island Garden Club
Amy Lemon
Tony and Susan Leonard
Ralph and Carol Linsley
W.B. and Delaney Lundberg
Colin Mackenzie
Michael and Diane Macris
Charlie and Janet McClure
Kathy Hebb and Ian McClure
Jessica Reeve
The Rogers Family
Robert and Marcia Safirstein
Caroline Herrick and Ted Sands
Irene Auerbach and Philip Schaeffer
Ralph and Joan Schoemann
Joan Shrewsbury
Seville & Monique Simonds
Sandy and Pam Stoddard
Tim and Grace Sullivan
Nick and Gail Thompson-Allen
Rex and Wendy Walden
Alison Weir
Carol and Fred Wright

Individual Members
4 & Twenty Blackbirds Bakeshop
Nancy Arnold
Ashley’s Ice Cream
Mrs. Helen L. Baker
Patty Baldwin
Ballou’s Restaurant and Wine Bar
Thomas Black
Sharon Bodenschatz
Craig Bradley
Shelley Brewer
Peter and Rula Burrow
Susan Wheeler Byck
Georgeanne Campaigne
Campaigne-Kestner Architects
Joseph Cavanagh
Cilantro Café
Ron and Marianne DeMartino
Greg and Meghan DePetris
Marlene DeSanto
Betty Ann Donegan
Doug Williamson Design & Planning
Louis and Christine Drago
Raymond L. Dudley
Maria Dushkin
Anna Dwyer
Susan Fisher
Laurie Flaherty
Marie J. Graham
Jerri Guadagno
Marilyn Halloran
Jane Hanselman
Suellen Heinrich
Hen & Heifer
Eric Hummel
Lucille Jenkins
Leighton Jillson
Janet Kazdan
Douglas and Kelly Keck
Carlyne Leete
Patricia Lovelace
Janet Maiale
Carolyn Marlowe
Sarah Brown McCulloch
Patricia McGuire
Donald N. Mei
Margaret Mick
MIX Design Store
Beth Payne
Deborah Peluse
Betty Jane Phillips
Sam and Rena Powell
Sandra Ruoff
Sachem Card & Party Shop
Lindley Sawyer
Doris Schaper
J. Philip Smyth
Priscilla Sperry
Susan Stoddard
Sweet Frog
Amelia Tarantino
Janice G. Teft
Thai Sweet Treats Restaurant
Patricia Todd
Tracy Tomaselli
Ziva Tovar
Robert Valley, Jr.
Margery A. Vogt
Russell Waldo
Sally Judge Whiteman