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May 17, 2018

Today at the Hyland House we’re celebrating the start of the 26th Annual Early Guilford Days.

Over the next week, all of our town’s fourth grade students will visit the museum and the Thomas Griswold House and travel back in time to colonial Guilford. They will cook over the hearth, try their hand at tin-smithing, harvest herbs in the kitchen garden, and take part in a whole program of activities that brings their town’s history to life.

The support of our members keeps this history central to Guilford’s unique character. This year, we will celebrate our 100th year as a museum. For a century, the Hyland House has been a vivid reminder of the deep and complex history of our community.

Thanks to our members’ support and the generosity of the Guilford Preservation Alliance, Guilford’s National Roofing Company will be a raising a new roof on our 305-year-old treasure this October.

We invite you to join us this year and to stop by the house this season for a tour or program. You’ll discover a rich gateway to our colonial history and a lively community of history lovers.

The Hyland House Museum Board of Directors