I Spy Game for Hearth Cooking Tools


Look at the picture of hearth cooking items.

Find the following items in the picture:

  • UTENSILS – with long handles
  • BOWL – made of wood and pottery
  • HOT MITTS – animal hides
  • CAST IRON SKILLET (or fry pan)
  • SPIDER SKILLET– a wrought iron skillet with legs (looks like a spider)
  • SMALL PITCHER– made of tin
  • MORTAR & PESTLE – to grind herb or spices, e.g. pepper
  • TINDER  BOX WITH FLINT & STEEL – colonial matches
  • DUTCH OVEN – a pot with legs and a lid
  • WROUGHT IRON PEEL – to pick up hot coals (looks like a flatten shovel)
  • TIN REFLECTOR OVEN – to cook chicken or other meat
  • TOE TOASTER – to toast bread