Example Apprentice Contract


  • Try reading the Example for a Colonial Apprentice Contract from 1768
  • Find words that were spelled differently than today
  • Find words with an an old fashioned letter in it: “ſ” or “ſ
    This letter is an old fashioned “s”. It looks like an “f” but is missing half of the middle line. This old letter comes from the Roman cursive sign for “s” and here are the rules how this letter was used:

    • The old “ſ” was generally used as a lower case letter for “s”.
    • If there were two ss in a word, the ſ would replace only the first s.
    • A normal s was used at the end of a word.
    • Exception: “s” was used before or after an “f”.
    • Exception: In 17th century the “s” was also used before “k” and “b”.
      For example:
      17th century: ask
      18th century: aſk