George Hyland’s Will 1693


The nuncupative, (oral, not written) will of George Hyland, made on his death bed on Jan. 19, 1693, and probated in the probate court in New Haven, the following June, as were all Guilford estates up to 1719, follows:

George Hyland’s Will

1666-1698 Vol 1. p. 210, Probate Records, New Haven.
Court at New Haven Wednesday y 14th, of June, 1693.


The last will and testament of George Hyland, late of Guilford Decd, proved in court by ye witnesses, sworn according to law with ye test of ye Revd. Mr. Eliot also thereunto. And soo approved by ye Court for Record alsoo an Inventory of ye estate of ye Decd was Exhibited by Hannah Hyland widow, ye Relect of ye Decd who being sworne to ye pesentmt of ye estate & ye Apprisers to the Apprizemt It was approved for Record, pwr of Adzion granted wy (with) ye Said nuncupatives will annexed was granted to sd Hannah y widow and Relict on Recognizance of 300 le well and truly to & after ye sd Estate according to sd will & pay ye just Debts of ye decd & give a just account of her Adjion wn thereto lawfully required.
New Haven Probate Vol. 2 p. 130

Will And Inventory of George Hyland

I George Hyland of Guilford in ye Col. of Connecticut in New England, being sick and weak in body but of sound memory and understanding doo make this my last will and testament as followeth. Imprimis. Just debts being paid I doo give unto my deare and loving wife Hannah my home lott & all the land adjacent thereunto with ye house, barne & buildings thereupon – as also ten acres of meadow being my hithermost allotment in ye East River Quarter as also one halfe of all my movable Estate in full and free Right to be and to remain to her not only during her mortall life but to be dypozed of by her at her Decease.

Item. I give to my four children, Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary and Deborah my division of land at ye grt plain and my two Divisions of meadow Lying in Cedar Island alias View Island meadows, and my lands or Divisions to me belonging together with ye other halfe of my movable estate to be equally divided among them.

This will was nuncuipative, made Jan. 19, 1692-3.

William Stone, Sr.
John Hill both sworne

Attested also by ye Reverd Mr. Eliot

An in entory of ye estate of George Hyland whodecd ye  20th. of Janry, 1692-3 is as followeth presented by Hannah Hyland ye Relict of ye Deceased.

Impr             Wearing apparel belong to ye Decd 5-01-00

It.                  Arms and Ammunition 2-10

It                   A yard & quarter of Kersy Child Coat and Child blankets 1-12
It                   3 wom & woolen Cloth and 4 paire of sheets 3-00
It                   Table linnen & pillow cvers 2
It                   Childbed linnen, bible, testamt, broad book   1
It                   6 old books, paire Cards, Sheeps wooll & 2 bag   1-15
It                   Money, 6s, silver spoone 3s. as other estate   00-18-00
It                   more bedding with 2 bedsteads with curtains   03-11
It                   40 pound of flax with Several sorts of yarne a little course wooll 6-04-6
It                   One warming pan with other brass 02-16-00
It                   1 Iron pot, 1 iron Kettle, 1s. 6d. frying pan, axes & hoes 13s-6d. 1-19-6
Plain Charne & Hooks & fbibbers, old iron and beetle Rings, box iron
& Hectors Iron tramill sith 1-08-06

tackling & mattock 1-05
fforkes, rakes & peas hooks 0-09
2 old wheeles one hay cutter & other tooles 15
bowls and trayes a small Jugg, 3 remnants Cloth 17
A round of barnnry and severall small things 15
A grt Chestmore & Chest & box 1-03
two old chaires, barrells, tubs, blanket yarne 1-00-06
tub, cooler (?) bale, Cart & pin 00-14-00
plow & irons, trenchers & spoons 12
Cart wheels, ironbands, pins & Washer 2-10
horse geers Come in Ye Ground Come in Ye Ground 2 acres 1-12
1 ox; 4 cows, 20 p. 20 s 2 young heifers 5 s. 25-10
one 2 years old heafer, 2 yearling 5p. 6s. thirteen sheep 76  12-06
one horse, three swine 5-15-00
building & land at home 220-00-00
11 acres marsh at East River Quarter 40-00-00
Land in ye grt plaine 75-00
Marsh neer Cedar Island 24-00
Marsh adjoining at Cedar Island as 3rd Division 20-00
It           A right to 4th Division not yet laid out to ye amounte of 10 acres
The Eldest daughter ownes the Receiving of ffourteen pounds and seven shillings as part of her portion 14-7-00
The estate is Debtor 2   1 Total  371-20-00

Josiah Rossiter Apprazers &
William Stone Sr. Sworne